August 11, 2010

Romper dilemma: Beach wear VS Sleep wear!

So this romper was the first thing I bought about a month ago when summer sales started. It was just love at first sight! I immediately imagined myself wearing it to WORK! (yeah! I know...)
I was so excited about it, until my sister saw it and said: "Oh, these onesies are so comfy for bed!"
FOR BED?? Of course, you can all imagine the debate we had about the romper... sister just laughed at my face: "You'll be the first person I know wearing pyjamas to work!" she said.
Anyways! After all the confusion, I decided not to wear it to work but was still convinced that it was not for bed though! I just ended up wearing it to the beach! I think I have found a happy medium and the perfect solution to my every summer problem: "What am I going to wear to the beach?"
What do you wear to the beach? Do you try to match your swiming suit with a beach dress/wear, or just put on any tshirt and shorts?

Romper: Oysho (SS10)
Bathing suit: H&M (SS10)

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  1. un mannequin!! magnifique.....!! faut en faire ton métier c'est de l'art ton site!! jador



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