December 31, 2010


This post goes to my girl Hinda O. thanks to whom I've become a fan of Turkey!

While doing some research on some January 2011 editorials, I stumbled upon some amazing editorials from MARIE CLAIRE Turkey. I am really amazed by the dramatic art work of both photographers Tamer Yilmaz (December 2010 issue) and  Ayten Alpun (November 2010 and January 2011 issues)


AYTEN ALPUN for Marie Claire Turkey November 20100 issue: A splendid combination of mystery, seduction and drama with models Anna, Viola and Özlem playing deeply religious yet tempted women The trio wears a monochromatic wardrobe of sweeping gowns and feminine lace in a story fueled by sin and regrets. (Source: FashionGoneRogue)

TAMER YILMAZ for Marie Claire Turkey December 2010 issue: captures a story of a retro housewife searching for escape. (Source: FashionGoneRogue)

AYTEN ALPUN for Marie Claire Turkey January 2011 issue:
Has a flair for the dramatic. The enchanting story features elegant gowns and dresses in an abandoned setting juxtaposing the new with the old. (Source: FashionGoneRogue)

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  1. Sssssssssplendide!! Je surkiffe!
    Et je surkiffe encore plus puisque tu avoues ouvertement ta Turquomanie...

    Merci pour la dédicace et habibati toyor!



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